Our R&D Department Produces Customized Products with You in Mind.

We design and manufacture dental furniture and laboratory systems with innovative and 100% domestic capital that cares about user experience in dental furniture production.

Metal Clinic Furniture

Metal Clinic Furniture includes specially designed and high quality metal furniture products used in areas such as dentistry and dental surgery.
These furnitures are made of hygienic and durable materials and designed for use in modern dental clinics. These products have ergonomic designs to improve patient comfort and treatment efficiency.


Laboratory Furniture

Laboratory furniture is specially designed furniture and equipment used for work and experiments in a laboratory environment. They are usually made of durable materials and designed to suit a variety of laboratory processes.
They can include a variety of furniture such as laboratory tables, cabinets, shelving systems, sinks and specialized storage areas. This furniture is often designed to be suitable for sensitive processes such as chemical, biological or physical testing and is built to meet laboratory safety standards.

Complementary Products

Dental furniture complementary products are products used in dental clinics that help provide patients with a more comfortable and safe experience.
These products include dental chairs, examination lighting, sterilization equipment, dental x-ray equipment and many others.